The IAGG Global Ageing Research Network will launch a series of International Research Conferences. The first Conference will concern Sarcopenia research (ICSR2011) and will be organized on June 8-9, 2011 in Toulouse, France. See the dedicated website for details

The program will include all aspects: biological, clinical, social sciences related to sarcopenia research. The International Conference on Sarcopenia Research will focus on :

  • Biological aspect
  • Animal models
  • Preclinical studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Functional assessment
  • Biomarkers and imaging
  • New drug developments
  • Physical exercices
  • Nutrition intervention
  • Epidemiology of Sarcopenia
  • New treatments
  • Social aspects

Keynote speakers will feature:

  • Matteo CESARI (Toulouse, France)
  • William EVANS (North Carolina, USA)
  • Roger FIELDING (Boston, USA)
  • Bret GOODPASTER (Pittsburgh, USA)
  • John MORLEY (St Louis, USA)
  • Marco PAHOR (Florida, USA)
  • Yves ROLLAND (Toulouse, France)
  • Stéphanie STUDENSKI (Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Bruno VELLAS (Toulouse, France)

You are invited to present oral comunications or posters:

We look forward to seeing you in Toulouse for this important event.