Dear Colleagues,

What a EuGMS meeting in Athens 2021 – postponed from 2020 due to the pandemia, and then as a hybrid congress with a great success. Whereas the virtual Congress in 2020 focused on COVID-19 and the consequences for older adults and their families, the 2021 Congress also had a hybrid composition regarding the broad spectrum of topics. Now we all hope that during this year, the pandemia will have hopefully lost its strength and thereby impact on our lives both professionally and personally.

So, we all look forward to an enlightening and stimulating congress in London this year. Together with colleagues from the local organising committee led by Tahir Masud, the Academic Board under the lead of Mirko Petrovic until the end of 2021 and now the new Academic Director Antonio Cherubini, we have prepared and still are composing a varied and attractive programme with the theme “Better Together- Multidisciplinary Team Working”. With the help of our PCO Aristea, we know that also from an organisational point of view, the Congress will be an outstanding event.

The scope is broad as the “congress slogan” announces stimulating contents surely for everybody – clinicians, clinical scientists, trainees, educationalists and health service researchers. The programme will also provide information about state-of-the-art clinical practices, new data and views from different stakeholders. The outreach of the 2022 EuGMS congress will be wide and bright: during the last two years, we have learned – indeed not planned – new formats to interact both physically and virtually thanks to new technologies and we have also learned how to bridge these two aspects to guarantee that all persons can attend and actively contribute to our annual event. The London congress will therefore be an energizing platform for spreading geriatric expertise and attitudes across central Europe and beyond. We say so as in recent years, the outreach of the EuGMS has crossed the borders of Europe and starts to get global without forgetting its homebase.

So, we look forward to meeting all of you, colleagues and friends, new and old, in London between September 28th and 30th.

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